A new pygmy cormorant with PTT Argos

Between October24 and 27 we carry out a new campaign for trapping pygmy cormorant in order to monitor their movement thought Argos system. Cristiana Ciocanea, Athanasios Gavrilidis, and Laurentiu Rozylowicz succeed to capture a pygmy cormorant at Gurile Nerei. The PTT Argos transmitter, weights only 9.5 grams and successfully send first data. So dar our cormorant travels between Bazias and Malo Bavalniste (Serbia). The movement data will be used in designing conservation activities and can be accessed from project webGIS system https://mangomap.com/maps/22867/#. The data will have one week delay.

Verificare plase - balta Susca

Checking the trapping site – Susca wetland


Montare PTT Argos solar 9.5 grame

Attaching a PTT Argos solar 9.5 grams

Eliberare cormoran

Releasing the pygmy cormorant

Deplasari 25 -27 Octombrie  2014

First movements received from Argos system: 2104 October 25 -27