About the project

Located in the south-western of Romania, ROSPA0026 Danube water course Bazias – Iron Gates overlaps a large area of priority habitats where core pygmy cormorant and ferruginous duck populations lives.

ROSPA0026 Danube Water Course Bazias – Iron Gates is classified as the third important bird area from Romania. The area represents an important stop point during the spring – autumn passage seasons for the wild birds, as it is located on the Tisa – Mures – Danube flyway. Alongside the pygmy cormorant and ferruginous duck, in the area are found many other protected species. 23 bird species listed on the Habitats Directive have been identified in the ROSPA0026 Danube Water Course Bazias – Iron Gates. Also, 3 amphibian species are present (Bombina bombina, Bombina variegata, Bufo bufo), 1 species belonging to the Reptilia (Emys orbicularis) and 4 species from Pisces (Gymnocephalus schraetzer, Gymnocephalus baloni, Zingel streber, Zingel zingel).

The area is endangered by severe biodiversity threats, such as: wetlands eutrophication, aquatic invasive species, birds nesting and resting habitats degradation, and wetlands pollution. As well, we documented a lack of understanding the importance of the Natura 2000 network’s role in the project area.

The purpose of the project is to provide a long term favorable conservation status for Pygmy Cormorant and Ferruginous Duck priority species and their habitats from the ROSPA0026 Danube water course Bazias – Iron Gates, by implementing and disseminating state of the art conservation measures.

Project duration: 2011-2016.

Reports/deliverable are available here.

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