Action Plan – Wetlands Conservation


Wetlands are dynamic systems depending upon environmental and anthropic factors (watercourse, currents movement, physico-chemical parameters of water nutrients concentration, invasive species, fishing, etc.)

In the project area were not performed too many studies in the area in order to take efficient measures to stop biodiversity loss. There are missing data regarding important parameters like data resulted from wetlands bathymetry or sources of degradation. After performing these studies we will create a long term strategy in order to maintain biodiversity within Iron Gates Natural Park wetlands.

The strategy will allow the project team and the authorities to react in the future to the fast changes of wetlands ecosystems and also will contribute to achieve EU’s objectives of biodiversity loss.

The strategy will be integrated in the management plan of Iron Gates Natural Park and also in the Danube River Basin Management Plan, this way both managers will coordinate the protection activities.

Stages of Implementation

  • Wetlands Characteristics. Complex physico-chemical analysis will be done in situ and also within CCMESI, APMCS and INGA’s laboratories.The sampling will be seasonal and the sampling sites will cover the morphological diversity of wetlands (shores – bottom structures, water – sedimentary interfaces, etc.). A report concerning quality of ROSPA0026 wetlands environment will complete the activity.
  • Assessment of Water Sources Degradation. Distinctive threats such as technical characteristics, direct, indirect and cumulative influences to sources of water degradation will be assessed on the field study using data from administrative flow.
  • Identifying monitoring parameters of wetlands vital signs. A conceptual model will be developed for monitoring process. Based on previous reports will be identified elements of wetland ecosystems that control habitats and the key species of the project. Those “vital signs” will be used during the monitoring process and will be included in the action plan for stopping biodiversity loss of Iron Gates Natural Park wetlands. A report concerning monitoring vital parameters of wetlands will be produced.
  • Local plan to halt biodiversity loss of Iron Gates Natural Park wetlands. The plan will include strategies for removal aquatic invasive vegetation (harvesting calendar, eradication methods of invasive aquatic plants, reducing impact on ecosystems, etc.) and strategies to maintain minimum water depth.
  • Public debates on action plan. The public debate’s goal is to build a suitable action plan that will take in account the needs of bots parts involved (local population, stakeholders and environmental authority) of Mehedinti and Caras-Severin counties. During the public meeting organized by the project beneficiaries it will also be organized the debate on action plan to stop biodiversity loss.
  • Action plan approval. After the public consultation, the action plan with the eventual adjustments will be submitted to the scientific board of Iron Gates Natural Park and to management authorities of Danube River Basin. The approved version it will be included within Iron Gates Natural Park and Danube River Basin management plans.