Project team

Project management team

Carmen Sorescu, EPA Caras-Severin, Project manager

Laurențiu Rozylowicz, University of Bucharest, Technical manager

Tania Chincea, EPA Caras-Severin, Financial management


Alin Catalina, EPA Caras-Severin

Mirela Ianosi, EPA Caras-Severin

Corina, Mihoc, EPA Caras-Severin

Marius Matache, University of Bucharest

Gabriel Chișamera, Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum

Marian Jiplea, Iron Gates Natural Park Administration

Cristian Iojă, University of Bucharest

Cristiana Ciocănea, University of Bucharest

Vasile Bagrinovschi, University of Bucharest

Steluta Manolache, University of Bucharest

Because is a project of national importance, other members of the beneficiaries can take part at the project activities, including from NEPA and Ministry for Environment.